Installing confidence

With nearly five decades of dependable auto glass experience, ABC Auto Glass in East Texas and Shreveport, LA, makes the installation/replacement of any kind of glass on your car or truck fast and easy, with a guarantee for the life of your vehicle that the job’s done right.

ABC Auto Glass offers a large stock of glass inventory for your driving needs, and we install:

  • Windshields
  • Back glass
  • Door glass
  • Vents
  • Quarters
  • Replacement mirrors

ABC Auto Glass guarantees its work against leaks and defects for the life of your vehicle.

What you need to know:

How long does glass installation or replacement take?
Most installations average between 1-2 hours. ABC Auto Glass uses OEE (original equipment equivalent) or OEM (original equipment manufactured) glass and a high quality, fast-cure urethane adhesive with a quick, safe drive away time. If you can't come to us, check out our FREE Mobile Service. Learn More

Who does the actual glass installation?
The ABC Auto Glass team is made up of certified, trained technicians who will professionally remove the old glass and replace it with a high quality piece of glass.

What kind of adhesive does ABC Auto Glass use for installation?
We use adhesives that are trusted and approved by the OEM Manufacturers and have been tested according to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. 

Insurance claims can be a real hassle. What can I do?
Call ABC Auto Glass. We’re here to help you through your claims process, and we work with all major insurance companies.

How does a properly installed windshield protect you and your passengers?
A major safety feature on any car or truck, a properly installed windshield supports the structural integrity of the vehicle, particularly in case of a rollover crash. Plus, most passenger side air bags bounce off the windshield in a crash situation, so ensuring that your windshield is installed correctly to industry standards is critical. 

My windshield only has a small crack; do I really need to have it replaced?
Even just one small crack can quickly expand into an entire network of cracks, greatly decreasing the quality of your driving vision and putting you and your passengers at risk in the case of an accident.  Some general rules to determine when your glass needs replaced and not just repaired:

  • The chip is larger than a quarter
  • The crack is longer than 6 inches, or bigger than a dollar bill
  • When chips or cracks are in line of sight
  • If your windshield has more than 3 chips or cracks
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